Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Zetadocs for NAV is the document management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV chosen by Microsoft for its connection to SharePoint. Zetadocs will help your business eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome paper-based processes so that you can achieve cost savings, faster response times to your customers and a reduction in your company’s carbon footprint.

Zetadocs can automate and streamline accounting processes such as Supplier Invoice Processing, Payables Approval, Proof of Delivery Tracking and Electronic Invoicing.


  • Save time and costs by producing, sending, filing, approving and retrieving documents automatically and electronically, rather than manually using paper
  • Improve customer service by helping your finance, sales and customer services teams respond more quickly to enquiries by having everything on screen
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting the amount of paper that your company prints, stores and delivers

Zetadocs also improves compliance, strengthens security, provides disaster recovery, speeds auditing and is fully customizable