TVH Consulting

Our Ambition

TVH Consulting is the wholly-owned subsidiary of TVH SA, a Luxembourg-registered company. This structure was set up to enable an international group to form.

TVH Consulting is organized like major audit consultancies, i.e. with partners and shareholder employees sharing the same values and ambitions. These are specified in a charter to which they must first fully agree.

The ambition of TVH SA in mid-term is to become a major international player in software development and information system installation. As a result, TVH Consulting has implemented a rigorous and innovative organizational structure from its inception to offer every employee who demonstrates his/her managerial or creative qualities the prospect of becoming a full partner and thus actively participate in defining the group’s strategy.

Partner status is not only reached after a number of years spent in the company, it is also linked with the need to obtain convincing results (customer satisfaction, ability to lead, creativity, commitment) consistently acquired over time. Salaries can vary with the company’s results, and a sizeable portion of bonuses is re-invested alongside a significant initial capital investment. Cooptation is subject to the approval of 90% of the College of Partners and requires unreserved compliance with the Charter of Founding Partners.

In the short and mid-term, TVH SA foresees acquisitions which are fully in line with the group’s strategy.

Our ambition is reflected by a high customer satisfaction rate and as a result, customer loyalty in a long-term relationship.

TVH Consulting offers an approach that:

  • is more detailed in the definitive selection of your solution by short-listing one or two ERP software solutions,
  • uses very detailed modeling of pre-selected solutions with your key processes in mind and is based on a precise definition of your integration project,
  • ensures a completely adapted and evolving functional answer, increased productivity, as well as seamless adoption of your solution and control over its evolution,
  • appraises created value by setting up performance indicators (or KPI), extrapolating their changes and the expected impact on the company or group operating statement.