Toolpack Solutions

Liquidity Budgeting

The Toolpack Liquidity Budget is an amenable and flexible product, empowering you and your company to see the liquidity effect of your operating budgets and actual figures. The Toolpack Liquidity Budget provides easy simulation of such areas as debtors, creditors, capacity costs, amortisation and depreciation, interest calculations and fixed assets. It also provides the overview you need by generating comprehensive income, balance sheet and liquidity statements. The data can be presented using graphics, which are ideal for projecting the 12-month liquidity situation.

The Toolpack Liquidity Budget includes:

  • Automatic updating of liquidity effect and calculation of balance sheet effect
  • Rolling liquidity forecast
  • Simulation of payment flows and investments
  • On-going budget revision
  • Graphic presentation of data

Are you a master of company liquidity?

Overseeing company liquidity is a clear-cut exercise using the Toolpack Liquidity Budget:

  • General overview, with the operating budget as a component, allows a continuous overview of company liquidity
  • Updated liquidity analysis, VAT overview and graphic overview for a thorough understanding
  • Ability to simulate various payment scenarios and observe immediate effects
  • A liquidity analysis can be generated in 1-2 days to be ready to use when revising budgets and measuring and controlling the balance effect