The story about timeXtender is the story about dedication, innovation and tons of hard work.

It is also the story about two people who gathered a team with the same dedication to making a difference, and started out on a journey to change how Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence projects should be implemented.

In the years before spring 2006, Heine and Thomas were struggling with the questions why it had to be that difficult and time consuming to develop the ETL and Data Warehouse part of the Business Intelligence projects and why this was seen as an IT project, when the only ones who knew what the outcome should be were in the business.

They anticipated that other smart people in the world had faced the same challenge and developed some software to handle this, and they started to Google. They could only find tools for the IT department that required heavy knowledge about how to write code, so they failed in the search for help.

Thomas one day made the conclusion: “If we can’t buy it, we can build it.” “But how do we develop something that hasn’t been made already and how do we sell it ?” Heine asked and Thomas replied “I can make it, and you can run the business and sell it, so this is easy.”

And so they did and timeXtender came to life.

And hard work it took. It was not quite as easy to make the software as Thomas predicted and not really as easy to sell as Heine predicted. But they where dedicated and they kept going, some times two steps forward and one step back, but they made progress.

And they succeeded!

Today timeXtender is the world leading software vendor for metadata driven and agile ETL and Data Warehousing software dedicated to the Microsoft SQL platform. With customers and partners in more than 50 countries and more than 2000 customers relying on timeXtender everyday, no one can argue that timeXtender is not a success.

And this is only the beginning, timeXtender is on to become a true global player.