Steering Progress. Together.

SPAN, an EVRY Group company is an established software services company with a keen accent on Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Travel, Transport, Logistics and Independent Software Vendors. Our focus is to ease our client into a long-term relationship with a business and execution model that aligns with their culture. SPAN's management team is deeply involved in sustaining relationships through the fulfillment of both measurable and intangible expectations. We believe in being a strong partner and 'Steering Progress. Together'.

Relationship Model

Our Relationship Management Model is the key to building bonds that provide ongoing business value to both the Client and SPAN. Built to manage client relationships in a well defined, yet flexible, framework.
The Relationship Management (RM) model is a meticulou-sly crafted program designed to maximize the returns from client relationships. The model addresses 5 key aspects of the relationship.