Soft Master

Result - is something for which we work

A small entry

Everyone knows that our economy is fueled by oil and gas. Our market (both the company and the people) used to work with no result. The cornerstone always put anything you want, just not the result. We are sailing against the current ...

Our Principles

Difficult to swim against the current, difficult and many do not realize it, but, unfortunately, if we will go with the flow and be like everyone else, stop to enjoy the work. To give the result to build a clear business model and stick to it constantly. The slightest deviation from the model will affect the result. Our business model was formed a few years and kept it on the following principles:

The implementation is more important than sales

If we do not have the resources to implement the project, we will ask the customer to wait until you choose qualified personnel or to schedule dates for the implementation of the free (no blackout dates of treaties).

We do not put money into marketing

Of marketing tools we have only the site (no staff, no facilities, no budget for advertising, promotion, etc.). Our potential customers come from the current (on their recommendation) - on sale are built only through "word of mouth". The only thing that we do - it's our support and actualize information from vendors (that we know of not only our clients).

We are investing in the implementation of

If you want to improve project management system, buy special design to facilitate the task for programmers (consultants, project managers), to update equipment to accelerate the provision of services - such costs always find support because they help to achieve the result.

Staff recruitment takes time

Unfortunately our education system and commercial structures produce very "raw" specialists, who in most cases (9 of 10) do not pass our tests. But the concept of business allows us to wait a few weeks (months) until we find a suitable candidate to join our team.