Customer Focus

Customers are our business. Every decision that is made by an IT-Serve employee must have the customer in mind. IT-Serve employees must think about a customer’s needs and must make the necessary decisions to ensure these needs are satisfied. Employees must also think outside the box to make suggestions that can improve our customer’s businesses. is a complete IT service and support provider that offers everything from cabling infrastructure to a managed helpdesk.

IT-Serve was founded in Dubai the year 2001 to cater for a gap in the market for a reliable, western educated and qualified IT service and support solution.

The three partners, Jens M. Lund, Ralph Steven-Jennings and Soren Christensen have together proved that IT-Serve has a competitive advantage in the systems integration market in the UAE, all which is gained through commitment and dedication towards any task – small or large.

IT-Serve has a policy of recruiting experienced and skilled engineers and managers from around the world, then through a comprehensive training and incentives program, develop skills in house, and provide a professional working environment ensuring staff development and commitment.

IT-Serve include several decisions in order to provide a comprehensive technology solutions for any business. These symbiotic relationships forms the core of IT-Serve who is dedicated to producing professional proposals and ensuring quality project delivery and management of complicated and larger projects.