EC Advance

Solutions to fit your Business 


Control. Efficiency. Results. Everyone in management knows that their success is ultimately determined by the degree to which they can deliver these three things. And it is our business to help them do just that.

We sell, install, and support state-of-the art Business Management Solutions - Microsoft Financial and Business Management software solutions, to be precise. So that management at all levels can make sound, informed, and timely business decisions that are both practical and profitable.

At EC Advance, we exist to provide you with the financial and management controls you need to effectively pilot your organization through today’s dynamic business environment. As experts in Business Management Solutions, we believe that obtaining the ability to grow and prosper starts with choosing the right management solution. But it’s not all about software.

With EC Advance you get a well versed project team to develop, implement and integrate your new system, and keep your business running smoothly throughout the entire transition. That means no downtime for your finance and operations teams, and no unpleasant surprises for your IT department. Our experts help you increase productivity by using Microsoft Business Management Solutions to deliver integrated functionality for financial management, accounting, supply-chain management, operations, CRM and more. And by adapting the chosen software solution to fully meet your needs, we provide you with exactly the functionality you want, on time, on budget and for a fixed fee.

In fact, we guarantee it. So you can deal with us in total confidence.

What’s more, our solutions can be fully integrated into your current Microsoft Office environment, delivering one comprehensive system for managing daily communications, accounting and finance, customer relations, resource planning and more – helping you move forward confidently and with total control.

EC Advance. Solutions to fit your business, not vice versa.