Dynamic Vertical Solutions


Dynamic Vertical Solutions (DVS) is the leading provider of end-to-end integrated, adaptable Business Applications built on the Microsoft Dynamics Platform.

Today, DVS is the official exclusive distributor of the LS Retail suite of solutions, Cenium, Miracle and Handpoint product range for South Asia and the Middle East & Gulf territories. We play a pivotal role in localizing these internationally renowned solutions to meet the country specific statutory and compliance requirements and if necessary, customizing the solutions further to cater to our clients' unique needs. We provide training and 24/7 support ensuring that our customers receive the quality driven service that they deserve.

The LS Retail suite of solutions that we distribute are found in over 60+ countries with 2,200+ Companies with 1,00,000+ POS worldwide. To date, DVS has over 350+ esteemed customers and a Partner Network Channel of over 68+ Companies, spanning 22 Countries and 3 Continents. Our partners across the globe help us innovatively distribute and manage engagements across multiple locations through quality driven ethos.

DVS continuously conducts in-depth research into the various markets technology and service requirements. We target our consumers by understanding their industry and pain areas, identifying how to add value from our portfolio of products and services - then going to market with a value driven and collaborative approach.

Not only are we the leading distributor of internationally renowned solutions but DVS has also expanded into the array of vertical specific software development, built on a Microsoft Dynamics Platform. Our IP includes Dynamic Property, an end to end solution for Real Estate and Decision Station, a Loan Origination and Credit Risk Management solution for businesses. Each solution integrates with our full suite of products making us the most innovative and unique business solution provider in the market today.