Counter Solutions

Solutions for Catering, Vending, and EPoS

Cashless, Contactless (PayWave and PayPass), and Mobile Phone payment solutions for Catering, Vending, and EPoS.

The next generation of solution is here now, why choose what payment method your customers have to be tied into when they can have them all? Counter Solutions have developed technology which allows Cashless, Contactless, and Mobile Phone payment from 1 terminal. This means that for the first time clients have a solution which is completely future proofed against any foreseeable development in payment technologies.

Counter Solutions the SMART Business Partner - one company, over 20 years’ experience, innovative solutions, established market provider, and constant progression in technology and maximising our client income potential. We will provide the whole business solution covering loading, spend, hardware, maintenance, software and web based servers through our complete product range. Our team of experienced and specialist staff will work in partnership to achieve your business goals and provide continued advice and consultancy throughout.