For more than 20 years Continia has added value to users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV offering solutions to effectively handling creditor and debtor payment transactions.

When you choose a product from Continia, you are always guaranteed qualified help to installation, setup and support. More than 100 registered partners in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV eco system have experience delivering our software to their customers. And if the partner needs help – they can get first class help from our support team. Today more than 3,000 Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations actively use one or more of our products to speed up or automate various administrative processes.

This is your guarantee that if you choose a Continia product – it is a solid and sound investment.

Are you interested in using our products, we recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner, who deliver and implements all our products.
The story behind

Continia Software was formed in 2009 but has many years of successful enterprise before. It all started in the business Hotcom Informatics, which was established in 1990. The company developed and sold solutions for Navision, for example NAVIBanking, which was launched on the Danish market in 1993 (now the product is named Continia Payment Management).

In 1999, R & D department was spun off to form Celenia. The 22 December 2009 an investor group choose to buy the department of transaction based add-on products out of Celenia and establishes itself as Continia Software. This department is carrying the new business organization with Henrik Laerke, former head of the department, as CEO.