Boltrics Professionals B.V.

Your partner in logistics

As a partner to your business, we aim to support you in achieving your objectives. How? With our standardised, sector-wide software, specifically developed for logistical service providers and the chilled and frozen storage and transport sectors. You work quickly, efficiently, and clients want to work with you. That is our promise.

System developers who understand your business

As specialists in your sector, we have a real understanding of what you need. We know what it takes to solve problems and improve your existing processes. We speak your language, and we can find a standard solution to any challenge. This matters, because it's what keeps your software system workable, affordable and manageable. Now and in the future. Our software is the vital link in our dynamic relationship, and we've shown time and again that working together delivers optimal performance.

Our core values

  • Collaborative
  • Results-orientated
  • Innovative

Standard Microsoft as the solid foundation

We rely on the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and with the addition of our own specialised functionalities we create complete sector-specific automation solutions. Distinctive, collective, custom work, but at the price of a standard product.

What Boltrics stand for:

  • Standardised, sector-specific software
  • A fixed price
  • Proven, innovative Microsoft technology
  • A highly experienced, passionate, professional workforce
  • A profound understanding of the sector
  • Exceptional problem-solving capabilities
  • Short lines of communication, rapid adaptability and a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach