5280 Solutions

Business Automation Solutions

5280 Solutions is a Microsoft® Certified Partner and a recognized leader in both the business automation and student loan industry. We offer a unique combination of products and services that allow you the convenience of dealing with a single entity that truly understands your business.

5280 Solutions has been in operation since 1980. In January of 2007, we merged with Charter Account Systems and Idaho Financial Associates. We are headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and have offices in Albany, Boise and Chicago.
Business Automation Solutions.

5280 Solutions is an expert in invoice processing and a premier provider of business automation solutions that are built on the SharePoint platform. 5280's products and solutions allow you to increase overall efficiency and provide greater visibility and accountability throughout the entire invoice process as well as for easy file and find within SharePoint. 5280 Solutions products are deployed nationally across many different horizontal and vertical industries.
Educational Loan Servicing Software.

Educational Loan Servicing Software

5280 Solutions is a recognized leader in the educational loan services industry with more than 30 years of experience designing and building complex software. Our loan processing solutions have been implemented in dozens of financial institutions across the United States, Canada and abroad. More than 60% of the top 100 FFELP holders utilize our loan processing products and services, managing over $80 billion worth of education loan assets.