Drive your business through our efficient channel

Do you develop state-of-the-art solutions?

The you might have faced the daunting expense of bringing your product to the market. Or the time-consuming task of documenting, localizing and maintaining a product for other markets. Making a product mature not only from a functional point but also when it comes to marketing, sales and running a distribution and support channel is a very costly exercise. Many talented development companies tend to lack both the skills and the financial ability necessary for bringing a product up in high volume sales.

Join your forces with 4Dynamics, and we will make your dream possible.

We offer ISVs and traditional VARs the same contract, and the same terms. Our brand opens a global door for you, both for selling your product and for teaming up with other partners and ISVs. You also instantly benefit from the shared customer references and from the trustworthy and sustainable partner network, which actively sells your solution.

We provide you an easy way to do business while retaining your focus on delivering high quality and well proven solutions and services to your customers, and we help you reduce your financial risks in first-time development projects.

As a featured and loyal Microsoft partner we only demand that your product supports and is built on Microsoft technologies.


4Dynamics offers you

  • One point of contact for global partner sales and deployment
  • Efficiency to compete in the global market
  • Time to focus on core business
  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Cost efficient partner management
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Access to localization centers for add-ons
  • Widespread customer references
  • Easy access to partners for value add solutions and support
  • Faster ROI
  • A better bottom-line
  • Monitoring and protection of ISV property rights
  • Product presentations on fairs and convergences