Project Counselling

Feel Frustrated

In the middle of a project, we sometime see that investments from all parties has been invested, and we all realize that it can be both costfull, delay deadlines, as wel as a lot of information will get lost if a cooperation with your existing Microsoft partner has to be terminated.

Remeber - in a conflict there is never a winner between the parties - just one who lost less.

Don't panic - We can help

We are often contacted by both customers as well as partners to assist getting the project dialogue back on a professional level.

After all - nobody are interested in a conflict, as the only winners are the laywers.

The partner whish to deliver quality, and get a desent revenue - on the other hand the customer would like to have a solution that meets the demands and budgets.

Unfortunately these individual goals may conflict, and the reasons why two parties are pointing fingers at each other is many.

Feel free to contact us if you need an external part with professional insight to involve.



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