We facilitate the largest network of Microsoft professionals

If you are a Microsoft professional and choose to affiliate yourself with us, you become a valued member of a community with a time-enhanced powerful procurement muscle.

We can provide you with probably some of the best trade conditions existing in the market.

Every new release of Microsoft Dynamics and collaborative Microsoft technologies demand more broad specialist knowledge. This is why Microsoft has to increase their demands for proven knowledge and skills from their partners. Small Microsoft partners are often forced to merge for high volume to be able to finance the augmented requirements from Microsoft and the market.

Many professionals and ISV's collaborate with fellow Microsoft Certified Partners, among other things on trade conditions, allowing the smaller businesses to offer license and maintenance sales to their personal customers. But the mergers and acquisitions trigger the risk that the smaller business or professional may loose the access to future license and maintenance sales. And as a consequence, maybe also their customers.

By affiliating your MCP to 4Dynamics we enable you to take control over your personal customer license sales and recurrent maintenance revenue. Through 4Dynamics, you are never induced to share information with any potential competitors.

As a featured member, you are also given the use of new business models, such as selling the Microsoft business solutions through rental conditions licensed through SPLA terms. We even facilitate hosting centers for you to offer your customers.

Trading hardware and other software might also be interesting avenues of expanding your business offerings - our partnerships with distributors allowe us to offer you competitive prices.

Thus, we protect your present business. Your access to our partner training protects your future business.

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Stay competitive. Protect your future.