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Let 4Dynamics market your products to the global Microsoft Partner Network.

Through our representations in over 32 countries, we are direct in contact with 16.000 Microsoft Professionals.

We market our brand through dedicated high volume Microsoft Dynamics web and community portals, e.g. through our platinum sponsorship for Microsoft Dynamics User Group. Our global reach every month exceeds 100.000 dedicated Microsoft Dynamics professionals and super users, and we know for a fact that more than half of these recipients click through our news.

We cater to our cherished partners and efficiently welcome many new partners each month.

Various Microsoft Partner Account Managers are our close allies - they open doors for us, and we cooperate to reach our mutual business goals.

And finally, you will meet us - or join us - at the many fairs and convergences where we are represented and where we work to market our partners, our freelance specialists, our ISV's, and their solutions.


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