Cloud Computing

Get ready for solutions in the cloud

4Dynamics can assist and help Microsoft Partners, certified in Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management  (CRM), to 
provide our vertical solutions in the cloud. We facilitate the selling of almost all our products and solutions:

  • Through traditional SPA and product licensing
  • Through SPLA licensing, which is Software as a Service (SaaS) on a monthly pay per use pricing model


Many Microsoft Partners with a focus on hosting and infrastructure but lacking the ERP & CRM solutions can benefit from joining forces with 4Dynamics.
If such a Microsoft Partner, for instance with a Server Platform Certification, wishes to offer ERP solutions to a specific industry and drive the marketing and new customer generation, 4Dynamics can invest and assist in building the images for fast setup of Virtual Machines for the said industry. 
This is a new method for Microsoft Partners to self-initiate ERP and CRM hosting in the cloud on a very limited investment. 
The Microsoft Partner can hold off investing until the first customer has signed a hosting/SPLA agreement. Then, the Microsoft Partner can choose to:

  • Invest, attract and train own employees
  • Simply rent our resources to perform the deployment

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We also offer Microsoft ERP/CRM partners and freelancers a 4Dynamics cloud infrastructure through which they can sell and offer services to their customers, using the 4Dynamics dedicated hosting environments.



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