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Offshore Development Centers

We are ready for the new era, and we can guide you there too.......

If you have invested in functionality developed for earlier versions of the Microsoft ERP solutions or their predecessors and you would like to take advantage of all the new benefits offered in todays Microsoft Dynamics solutions and technologies - then we are ready to bring you there.

Through our organization, we have been involved in testing the upcoming versions for the past years and performed pre-launches. We have resources placed in Microsoft's development centers and we offer education to the Microsoft Partner Channel through What's New-sessions.


  • Development teams are located in cost efficient places
  • We deliver services for all Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions and involved technologies
  • Quality assurance and tests are supervised by European senior professionals
  • We offer 24/7 support
  • Our resources are constantly involved in deployment and support of several larger Microsoft Dynamics solutions
  • We invest in our resources by bringing only the best trainers in front of our staff
  • European senior professionals on location
  • All resources involved are certified
  • We understand demands and deliver Certified for Microsoft Dynamics solutions (CfMD)
  • We are financially sound, as we are sponsored by European governments

.... we deliver extremely competitive services. for your benefit.


  • Offshore development
  • Onshore development
  • Microsoft ISV readiness
  • Microsoft partner readiness
  • 4Dynamics readiness
  • CPLS and test center support
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

.... we know what it's about. to advance you.

One partner does it all for you

  • Specification of Requirements (SOR)
  • Scope Outline Documentation (SOD)
  • Programming Outline Documentation (POD)
  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance & Test
  • User & Product Documentation
  • Localization
  • Release Management
  • 24/7 offered 2nd & 3rd line support
  • Maintenance/upgrade services for new versions
  • Keep our promises

.... we reduce frustration. for your profit.

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