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Campaign Recruitment

Extensive experience

4Dynamics has extensive experience in handling campaign recruitment for partners looking to hire 5+ permanent or freelance resources from specific locations.

Relocation & Immigration

We believe this to be an important element of ensuring the success of any campaign. We have comprehensive documentation which highlights all the relevant information required to enter any country globally and comprehensive documentation which ensures any individual(s) relocated either on their own or with families do so in a seamless manner.

All candidates are guided through the Immigration requirements for entering any country. GITPS, one of our partners is OISC registered which means we are legally allowed to provide immigration advice and in fact work closely with the Home Office in delivering work permits. There are very few agencies in the UK allowed to do this. Where the skills are in short supply and the client has provided advertising/justification that they have had to go overseas for the skills (necessary on occasions), 4Dynamics will through our pertner provide all the necessary documentation, working with the client, to ensure an easy transition to any country.

Our knowledge of relocation management in the IT industry means we are able to manage the entire relocation and start up for every candidate on the client’s behalf.  Our consulting and reporting allows our client to track each candidate’s progress throughout their relocation, keeping our client in control and building our client’s knowledge and understanding for future campaigns.

Testing – Technical & Psychometric

4Dynamics can arrange the technical testing of candidates in a controlled environment. 4Dynamics is SHL qualified so we can also offer the Psychometric testing of candidates on the client site, in one of our offices or at a partner location.

On-going Support

Another important part of our role in any local or international campaign for our client is ensuring any questions after starting work are answered quickly and efficiently.  If the candidate has any concerns, we want that person to feel comfortable they can approach us for any solution. This is done throughout their employment with us.  There may be accommodation issues or banking issues – 4Dynamics will always be at hand to resolve any problems. Each candidate has a dedicated account manager that they can call on.

Partner Network

Not only do we - through our international offices - have access to a database of candidates wishing to relocate nationally or globally, but we are unique in that we have access to certain specialized skill sets. Our partners give us access to the type of candidates, who don't respond to job ads, look at jobs on the internet - who even haven't seen our specific adverts. By working closely with Partners we expand our Database tenfold. We can have 15 to 20 people working on our requirements within a day’s notice. Prior to any candidates being forwarded to us, they are pre-screened before going through our own meticulous screening process. Finally, the validity of the local/overseas databases of our partners is such that they only select candidates who are interested in permanent or contract/contract to hire positions.