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Sell Licenses and Enhancement Plans

We offer Certified Professionals the ability to sell Microsoft Dynamics licenses and enhancement plans to their customers, this is an advantage for the certfied freelancer or the small business partner that focus on specific customer needs vs. the need to fulfill the terms and conditions demanded by Microsoft to become a reselling partner.

Also customers see an advantage in placing their license and enhancement plan costs at their loyal partner.

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The New Era of Microsoft

In these years Microsoft is providing us with the biggest number of new product announcements ever.

A short time ago, Microsoft changed the logo and updated the websites. has become, xBox has a changed graphical user interface – and for the first time ever, we see a straight unified line of identity all over.

For some years now, 4Dynamics has made a strategic choice to be active but not very visible. Throughout this period, we have quietly and anonymously grown our company and a number of brands, and succeeded in becoming one of the largest co-op's in the world when it comes to global collaboration with partners and professional resources. 


The New Era of 4Dynamics

With the new product lines and versions provided by Microsoft, there is an even bigger need for the services provided by 4Dynamics, and in the management, we are confident of our continued success.

Many years ago, 4Dynamics registered the 4Dynamics trademark. The company name is intended to give everyone a pretty clear idea of how and where we add value and specialize.

The New Microsoft Era is also a New Era for the 4Dynamics corporation. Following our mission, vision and values, we have expanded our choice of products and adapted to the Microsoft supported codeplex technologies – a natural choice for us.

By now Microsoft, Microsoft Partners, +240.000 international companies and e.g. the Danish government has chosen Umbraco.

This development has caused us to welcome a number of new resources with the highest Umbraco certification levels to bring knowledge to the market.

The site you’re now viewing is a result of great collaboration between our teams in UK, FI, UAE, RU and DK. They have – in a very short time, facing high pressure and tighter-than-tight deadlines, plus of course the demand for responsive design support – deployed this Umbraco site.

We now proudly welcome you as a reader and invite you to consider a mutual future partnership.

Happy reading!


Jens Lykkegaard



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Due to the international financial situation 4Dynamics has experienced that customers takes sporadic decisions when it comes to business solutions based upon where it hurts. Unfortunately the cause for where it hurts maby has its origin from another place and is maby just a syptom that should have been cured and treated differently.

Let us advice and councel your to ensure your investment has the biggest payoff. We understand the value that easy integration and collaboration with other Microsoft systems can give.  

A wrong advice - can result in a painfull decision - but we can help you reduce the pain, before your business makes a wrong selection, that might give you unforeseen additional costs.

As a customer you are always welcome to contact us if you need assistance in selecting the right partner or are in doubt which tender to approve.

We offer our services to join your internal team, to assist in ensuring best performance and deliverable quality from your technology supplier.



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