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Variant Management for the modern business

The Scalable Business Solution for wholesalers, Stores and Chains.

The variant module is fully integrated with retail, general ledger, sales, order management inventory, purchase and manufacturing.

By using the right IT-solution mostly all internal administration and management can be automated. Through this both less money and resources has to be spend and they can be used for more valuable purposes. Bottom line - it is all about making your business more competitive and customer focused.

Variant for retail and wholesalers is a standard add-on for the leading ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics. The solution is modular build and can be deployed to suit both the smaller as well as the enterprise business.

The variant module makes the following more efficient:

  • Purchase
  • Inventory Availability plans
  • Inventory variant management
  • Assortment Management
  • Collection Management
  • Planning
  • Order Management
  • Item labeling (bar codes)
  • Distribution of received items
  • Manual routines and other work flows
  • Service level for customers and partners
  • General Ledger and other management processes.

The Perfect Management Solution for Fashion, Shoe and Sports Business

The variant solution is a branch solution, primary focused on the clothing industry. Beside of this the solution is also for several areas within the retail business, like chains that needs an efficient solution to manage and monitor sales of variants (like: colors, sizes etc.) at both central office as well as in the store.

Using the variant solution for Microsoft Dynamics you gain detailed information at each variant level, reduce manual processes, less errors found and through this better return of your investment and increased efficiency.

The variant solution is internationally developed base don demands from the clothing industry. The solution is in constant development to meet new demands, procedures and whishes within the industry for optimized management information.

Variant for Microsoft dynamics is basically focused on simplicity and usability.

”Think how simple my world would be if all shirts where white, and all matched a size medium”


Each item by standard can have 8 variant dimensions. Each variant dimension can be deployed with setups like sizes, colors, qualities, assortments, collections, shapes, season products, designs etc. in a multi dimensional matrix all valid combinations are created, for and invalid combinations at each item are rejected. For every variant dimension the system can handle individual prices, for both purchase and sales, including campaign prices and future prices.

Bundled Items

The collection functionality allows the user to define a bundled item that includes various variants.

The user can e.g. create a collection named "Box", the content of that box is e.g.: 1 pieces small, 2 pieces medium, 3 pieces large, 2 pieces extra large in two colors. A collection is then created by the name "Box" containing 16 base items.

When this "box" is purchased, sold, transferred or counted the inventory is automatic updated for each variant dimension (1 pieces small, 2 pieces medium, 3 pieces large, 2 pieces extra large in two colors). This gives a clear view and efficient use at the warehouse.


Examples of the flexibility by using the 8 variant dimensions (that is expandable) for a shirt could be: Collection spring 2013, Size medium, Color brown, Collar shape round, Shape C, Pattern check, embroidery, Sleeve short.

If the items are created so accurate, the company will be able to analyze either specific or cross variant dimensions just by using one item number.

"Its a luck that I can choose from a world of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes"

Order Management & Availability

For both purchase and sales, all is managed in a simple and elegant way. At each order line the main item is typed, then for items containing variants the multidimensional matrix form are opened. Here a typed the requested amount and stock quantity are displayed for easy handling of orders through the phone. At the order other relevant information like shipment/receipt date are entered etc. then shipment notes can be printed. The variant solution is integrated to the order management system that makes it easy to implement EDI processes in the supply chain collaboration with partners and out sourced warehouses simple, even if the partners system do not support variant functionality.

At both sales and purchase orders the user have detailed information of stock amount, availability etc. of each single variant. The solution maintains amount for shipments/receipts, to be invoiced etc.

The variant solution handles also a variety of order types like: blanket orders, preorders, supplementary orders, Urgent orders and campaign quotes. After order registration statistical reports can be made such as expected sale spread on sales people, customers, business units, customer groups, item and item groups.

EAN Bar Codes

Distribute and supply items and price lists with tags direct to your customers included EAN bar codes.

From the system you can print and distribute relevant information about your products on tags, labels or through an industrial bar code printer. EAN codes have 13 ciphers, where 5 is marketing number. This number is placed in a number series inside Microsoft Dynamics and new bar codes on items and item variants are created based on this series. Furthermore you can distribute and receive pricelists for updating your own and business partners item specifications.

” – It’s my luck that the Variant module for Microsoft Dynamics made the complexity at wholesalers simple and easy to manage”

Inventory Planning and Purchase Requests

The system can automatic generate purchase requests based on inventory availability, sales orders and remaining orders.

A purchase request for each Item variant dimension is created. This can be edited in a ledger before final purchase orders are generated.

Distribution of Received Items

When receipts are posted at central warehouse it is possible monitor which sales orders that can be shipped, or if remote warehouses e.g. at stores that has requested the item can be distributed. If availability is not enough the system prioritize sales orders base dup on customer categories like A, B or C customers where A is the most important customers.

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