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The e-commerce solution is a high-tech e-commerce solution developed on top of the newest Microsoft platform offering complete integration to the ERP-systems belonging to the Microsoft Dynamics products

Our e-commerce solution offers great flexibility as the company can switch between running online or online with a recap, concurrently with the growing success with the solution.

It also provides your company with an operational security having the e-commerce solution and the EPR operating separately.

The e-commerce solution branches out and offers much more than just an ordinary web shop.  With our modules (Integration, CMS, Marketing, Commerce, datawarehouse, live support and search engine) you will experience a professional and fully integrated solution to your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

All e-commerce solutions should be able to handle a great number of users and great amounts of data. Sadly not many solutions of the existing market fulfill this requirement. The e-commerce solution has through a number of years been developed focusing on high-capacity performance and today several of our current solutions handle large data amounts and a vast number of users, who all experience a fast response time.

Integration with ERP

Operating on top of your existing Microsoft Dynamics solution our e-commerce offers extra functionality:
  • Simple setup and activation of products and customers to e-commerce
  • Journals for order and user approval including the possibility to setup an automatic approval containing a filter function. E.g. orders in which the credit maximum is exceeded can be setup to be approved manually

In our experience many companies have already classified their product in categories and it is a relatively simple process to transfer this information to a catalogue in the e-commerce system. Within the e-commerce solution it is possible to develop the categorization further in the administration module BizDesk.

Data exchange

Online – or online with a recap providing fast and safe data exchange

The e-commerce solution is able to operate directly with the Microsoft Dynamics data of your company, but in our experience, it does not take many users or transaction before it becomes more suitable to let the e-commerce solution operate independently from the ERP system. This requires a stable and fast data exchange between the Microsoft Dynamics solution and the e-commerce solution, also called data replication.

The replication system is included in the price of the e-commerce solution and guarantees a stable and fast exchange of data. Furthermore our replication system is developed to secure a division between the Microsoft Dynamics solution and the internet.

Our replication system operates independently from the Microsoft Dynamics solution and will therefore not create any lockings in the latter – not even in cases when great amounts of data is exchanged. At present we have customers who are able to transfer 2 GB of data in less than five minutes.  This functionality provides your company with a system operating almost online - which can be necessary when updating stock supplies among other things.

The replication system allows you to:

  • Classify groupings of data according to a given priority – e.g. High priority data can be setup to be replicated immediately while other data can be transferred after working hours. 
  • Monitor the data with a possibility to receive notifications by email or SMS
  • Support particular ERP meta data and ERP system fields
  • Receive a 100% secure data transfer with the fastest Microsoft SQL Server data protocol. No web services, files, or emails can offer a similar security nor performance.

Furthermore the division between the Microsoft Dynamics solution and the e-commerce solution renders is uncomplicated to let a internet provider host your e-commerce system.


Familiar business logic

The e-commerce solution is developed in a structure and design which is similar to the registrations you know from the Microsoft Dynamics solution. Moreover business rules such as calculation of prices, discount and stock supplies are familiar to the standards of the Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Our solution utilizes the same business logic as the Microsoft Dynamics solution, but the logic is further developed to optimize the e-commerce solution where a fast presentation or reading in particular is required. The solution supports among others all prices, discounts, final discounts and quantity discount rules defined in the Microsoft Dynamics solution.

The Microsoft Dynamics data is re-applicable without any double registrations. Data such as item, alternative item, debtor, contacts, prices, stock, stock dimensions, currency, VAT and other basic data from the Microsoft Dynamics solution is transferred and used by the e-commerce system. The existing journals for approval of incoming sales orders, customer prospect or acceptances of offers prevent your company from updating any uncompleted data.

Moreover you are offered the flexibility of setting up automatic approvals in accordance to rules.


User friendly administration module

Selected employees can get access to BizDesk, the developed administration module situated in the Microsoft Dynamics solution. Here, the employees are allowed to set up catalogues, define role etc. in a user friendly environment.

The BizDesk module allows you to administer the following functions:


  • Set up the e-commerce catalogue or reapply the existing catalogue from the Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  • Set up catalogues with hierarchies such as product lines and groupings. A product line may belong to several groupings – just as an item may belong to several product lines. 
  • Set up special discounts on items in a product line to be particularly brought out when the product line is activated. 
  • Set up an automatic generation of sub product lines based on item dimension. E.g. a product line can be set up automatically based on the manufacturers of the items.  


  • Roles and rights 
  • Accessory items and groupings 
  • Alternative items
  • Campaigns
  • Visibility
  • Parameters

Content Management System (CMS)

A tool for easy maintenance and update of text
CMS offers functions and usability which render editing of the webpage as simple as writing a letter in Word. Visibility of the text is based on login, period and roles.

The CMS4Dynamics contains more than just the traditional CMS functions such as content management, upload of pictures and documents as well as language management. In fact, the deployment of CMS in combination with e-commerce gives you a set of unique possibilities. You can use the CMS for writing text everywhere – for instance to a product line or an item, because the writing of content is not limited to static pages, but can be applied everywhere in the e-commerce solution.

The rules of publication render it possible to define text based on variables such as the content of the customer’s basket, former shopping records, previous item search or selected product lines/groupings. If the customer for example previously has bought a printer, you can choose to present a news paragraph on the specific printer toner for the printer.

Thus your customers will experience an individualized webpage based on our record of their customer behavior.

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