ISV & Solutions

4Dynamics grants you access to a world of products

Long-term Commitment

Whether you need a horizontal or vertical industry specific solution, 4Dynamics can help you choose the best product supporting your sale and business.

When you choose to promote a solution to your customers, you also engage in a long term relationship as a middleman between the origin product provider and your customer.

It is your  reputation which is on stake if you select a product that does not have a proven track record, demonstrated quality and a prospected guarantee for survival by the owner of the solutions interlectual property right.

No one can off cause give long term gurantee for survival, but the size of the 4Dynamics network, number of solutions sold around the world daily, gives a better chance and insurance that we also exist for tomorrows support of future Microsoft Dynamics provided versions.

Business Insight

As 4Dynamics monitor the market for well proven horizontal and industrial solutions in domestic and regional markets - which not yet is fully localized under our brand, we have access to a portfolio solutions that is not neccesary market here, so we invite you to contact us with an inquiry of upcomming new products.

We provide solutions with a proven track record in industrial areas like:

  • Property management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Management
  • Transportation
  • Rental Business
  • Field Services
  • Subscription Management
  • Project and Job Costing
  • Service Industry

Further we have horizontal solutions and tools supporting your business like:

  • eCommerce
  • Hand Held Solutions
  • Creditcard and EFT clearing for electronic payment
  • Loyalty Solutions
  • Sales Performance and Internal Competition Monitoring Solutions.