The 4Dynamics Corporation and our 4Dynamics partners can provide the following solution support:

  • Help Desk
  • Problem investigation and correction
  • On-site customer support as required
  • Training and skill transfer
  • Customization
  • Industry-specific adaption
  • Deployment
  • Cloud Computing
  • Hosting
  • Other services - we are not limited to supplying the above assistance

The support will be provided according to your contract.

In the interest of prioritization of the workload for our partners and 4Dynamics Corporation, each request should be qualified by severity according to the requesting designated contact. Incident priority will be agreed at the time of call, and logged by our 4Dynamics partners and 4Dynamics Corporation.

Examples of Incident levels:








Severe Business Impact

Situation where the live system is unusable for any purpose or a key component of the service is unavailable (e.g. Perform a sale through 4Dynamics Solution).


Significant Business Impact

Situations where important elements/functionality are unavailable; whereas the main elements of the system are operational, e.g. a module not available or not performing to optimum standard.


Minimal Business Impact (default priority)

Situation where system features and functionality are unavailable but a work-around is available, e.g. Minor database function unavailable OR application function unavailable.


No business impact

Small changes to be made as soon as is practicable and general queries on the usage of the functionality.


No impact

Features, translation terminology etc. If part of strategy features will be evaluated and if considered released in future version or service packs.


Examples of Response Times

Severity 1 - response within 8 working hours, resource within 24 working hours.

Severity 2 - response within 24 working hours, resource within 48 working hours

Severity 3 - response within 48 working hours resource within 40 working hours.

Severity 4 - response within 40 working hours and resource when available.

Severity 5 - no response, features will be considered and evaluated for future versions or service packs.

Required Support

In the event of a problem requiring support of the 4Dynamics solution that cannot be resolved remotely, the parties will jointly develop and implement a plan to resolve the problem. Such a plan may demand that the 4Dynamics Corporation attends to the 4Dynamics Partner or Customers site.

The 4Dynamics Partner is responsible for maintaining an IT infrastructure that makes it possible for 4Dynamics Corporation to access the Customer site installation.

The 4Dynamics Partner is responsible at any time to make all login information available for remote support.

Support is only granted after certified staff at 4Dynamics Partner has examined and verified the problem. Only certified staff can request prioritized support.

The support is only granted for 4Dynamics Solutions covered by an agreement and maintenance plan.

4Dynamics Corporation is granted the right to invoice the 4Dynamics Partner for services and other costs.