4Dynamics was established in 2001 - but the business ideas behind our services were already defined back in the beginning of the 1990's.

The founders and people behind 4Dynamics Corporation have a history of being entrepreneurs from back in the mid 1980's. Their in-depth technological knowledge and business understanding has been accumulated working for companies such as Microsoft, Navision Software and Damgaard, today better known as Microsoft Business Solutions - from which the Microsoft Dynamics applications are developed and maintained.

In addition to the broad spectrum of 4Dynamics offerings, we have from day one made a conscious choice to work closely with other globally-oriented companies. Thus, some of the services was and are still offered through other global brands.

We are proud that we, since the start of DynamicsWorld.co.uk, have had a good portion of the annual elected top 100's most influential people involved in our company, adding value to our customers and collaboration partners.