We drive the adding of value to business services and solutions.

4Dynamics concentrates on solutions and services that are based on the same foundations as Microsoft uses in their own internal development and launch processes.  This gives you and your customers a high level of quality, and a usability focus that makes the solutions easy to use, upgrade and maintain.

We do not focus exclusively on development and distribution of products.

Assisting our classmates is a huge priority for us.

4Dynamics aims to establish ambassadors in the market as a base for growth and financially sound results.

Through trustworthiness, best practices and taking responsibility for upholding long-term relations we aspire to be a global role model. This is why we share and transfer our knowledge and services to other leading Microsoft Partners and providers of vertical solutions.

4Dynamics is represented through partners in 32 countries and we are growing every day.

Several of our solutions are localized to 21 languages and more are in progress. If you are interested in further information about our products and services, you are more than welcome to contact us and allow us to address a partner focusing on your business and preferences.



In Short

  • 4Dynamics is a value-adding business solution and service company.
  • Our defining characteristic is that our resources are some of the most highly profiled techno/functional people in the world.
  • We assist the global Microsoft partner channel with staffing, product distribution, knowledge transfer, training and technical infrastructure.
  • We facilitate business for app. 16.000 resources globally, and every month we communicate our newsletters to app. 100.000 super users and Microsoft Dynamics Certified Professionals.