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Become independent

Perform a "Microsoft change of reseller" and earn money

Freelancers and SMB partners can build a portfolio of additional revenues both immediately and over time.

When a customer has formally signed the Microsoft Change of Reseller form, many customers consider their partner - you - to be more strategic. This strengthened loyalty increases your possibilities for further revenue generating activities between yourself and your customer.

License sale and added configuration

New and added sale to existing licenses, such as more users, additional objects etc.. 4Dynamics offers the best discount on the market.

When 4Dynamics invoices the license, it is done in the name of the end user. If your customer is a European company, this will reduce their liquidity demands due to the VAT rules.

Maintenance value is added to the order, where Microsofts billed calculation applies at any time.

To configure a license, a 4Dynamics partner simply fills in the Microsoft order form/Pricelist. Access is granted at the Microsoft Partner Source and returned to the 4Dynamics order central. As soon as prepayment is available on a 4Dynamics bank account, 4Dynamics will expedite and execute the license configuration and return the license file to the partner.

Long term business

It Is Possible4Dynamics affiliates receive the most competitive commissions on the annual maintenance fees.

Once a month, 4Dynamics processes the customer maintenance billing. As soon as the customer payment is registered in our account, the 4Dynamics commissions are transferred to you.

4Dynamics receives invoice information from Microsoft 3 months before the customer maintenance period expires. If the customer hasn't paid at the set date, 4Dynamics reserves the right to ask Microsoft to cancel the agreement. This protects both your business and our business. The customer will then have to pay a maintenance reentering fee according to the Microsoft pricelists.

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