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Selling Microsoft Licenses

Reduce the risk, take control, expand your revenue and manage your customers.

Freelancer and SMB partner steps to sell Microsoft Licenses

Ready to sellMobile

First we enter into an agreement that ensures the SMB partner that 4Dynamics does not inform 3rd parties about any client or partner specific business. In addition, 4Dynamics is also certain that information etc. gained from Microsoft, which is partner confidential, isn't misused.

4Dynamics distributes the Microsoft Change of Reseller form, to be used when transferring your customers to the 4Dynamics portfolio. In this way, 4Dynamics can - on your behalf - configure added features to the Dynamics licenses, and protect your revenue stream.

Ready to develop and customize

You sign an addendum, so 4Dynamics has the legal issues in place prior to:

  • granting you access to developer licenses
  • creating and affiliating your resources through us to the Microsoft Partner Portals


A Partner does not have access to view licenses, as Microsoft systems cannot filter customer licenses related to specific resources.

A Partner will not have direct access to create orders. This is our way of protecting 4Dynamics, in the event that a partner creates an order and forgets to pay.

Partner security

In the case that 4Dynamics does not fulfill partner expectations, or if the partner grows and is able to become a direct Microsoft SPA partner, the partner can simply use a new Microsoft Change of Reseller Form. This ensures that future customer relations to 4Dynamics are terminated. In some cases, when it is a matter of many licenses, Microsoft can assist without involving the customer.

Partners can trust us completely, as we are a Partner Development Center for Microsoft.


4Dynamics is a Microsoft trusted partner

Most competitive partner margin on

  • License sales
  • Annual maintenance

Recurrent revenue stream

Access to Microsoft Partner Portal

  • Readiness & Training Materials
  • Latest Business Information
  • News and Events 
  • Products 
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Communities

Save Money on Microsoft Partner Fee’s

Run your small business like any large Gold Certified Partner.

Add value to your customers without involving competitive partners.

Brand your organization as international through the 4Dynamics brand

Two way partnership, as 4Dynamics also identify sales we address to our partners.

Access to development keys.