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As a non-Microsoft Certified Partner, you face a real risk of losing interested customers due to timing. The time spanning from your encountering a customer with eager expressed interest in a Microsoft-based solution – and thus signing up with Microsoft - to when you are able to meet customer demands, deliver and invoice, is far too long. The costs involved in training and certification are also targeted at larger and less agile organizations.

Through the 4Dynamics Partner Development Center we offer you our Microsoft Training and Certification program for partners. Our program vastly reduces costs and time spent on training, while delivering the same results. Immediate license sale boosts and cements your customer interaction. Online training, to be studied at your discretion, allows you to combine business and educational preparations. Actual Microsoft Certifications can be awarded as soon as your training has been correctly completed. Throughout the program, you and your employees have access to the experienced 4Dynamics team to mentor your solution development for a successful conclusion.

The overall costs involved are affordable, predictable and allow for fast ROI.

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