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All you need for Advanced Retail Business

Microsoft® Dynamics the leading Business Solutions in the world, for assisting smaller and mid sized companies and their administration. Microsoft Dynamics is characterized by simplicity, usability, flexibility adaptability and scalability, based on the most advanced Client server and database technology.

The graphical user interface in Microsoft Dynamics is developed for complete integration to Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Server platforms.

Retail4Dynamics is an international Point of Sale (POS) and Back Office solution developed within and fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics. The solution supports both on-line and/or off-line environments. The existing functionality in Microsoft Dynamics is expanded and contains functionality like; Financial Management, Logistics, Full Supply Chain as well as full support for Point of Sales.

Complete solution for stores and chain offices that supports:

  • G/L and Rental
  • Cash and Debit Sales
  • Inventory, Order Management for both Purchases and Sales
  • Production and Service Management.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Variant Management
  • Item Tracking, Serial and Batch number management.
  • Value encoded Barcode support
  • 4Dynamics, deliver international and complete vertical products based on the success criteria's of Microsoft Dynamics; Usability, Flexibility, Simplicity Scalability, Adaptability and Performance.

POS Setup

Retail4Dynamics™ makes it possible to setup each till individually, which makes it possible to define different shops in the shop, an example could be a “Do it Your Self” Center with a Garden Center and a Burger Bar. Different POS configurations required for each area. It is possible to create a precise definition of all functionality, such as individual posting setup, whether the shop assistant is right or left handed, if certain expeditions demands workflow, like selling a burger meal, where the user will be guided through questions like Small, Medium or Large, Type of Soft Drink etc. and through this the user configures a product and Inventory is automatic updated. Parameters for offline tills are defined individually inclusive which data to be exchanged, equipment attached like payment terminal, amount of drawers, printers customer displays etc.

Functionality offered at the POS

To operate the POS is extremely simple and intuitive. Understanding how to use the POS is done rapidly even by untrained personnel. Many accessories are supported like: Touch Screen, Bar Code Scanners, Programmable Keyboards, Magnetic Card Readers, Surveillance Equipment, Scales, Payment Terminals (EFT), and off cause normal Keyboards and Mouse. Furthermore is included a special printer spooler that support printouts at maximum speed, for removing delays in the moment of sales. A wide range of payment types are supported as well as multicurrency are accepted within one transaction, this makes the system flexible so flexible that shops in airports can use it, all posted at the right accounts. Gains and losses on currency rounding from the multiple currencies are automatic posted at the G/L.

Beside traditional cash sales, transactions can be referred to exact customers, either for cash or debit sales. This makes it possible to monitor the customers like members of a loyalty programme, and give customer based pricing and discounts. The security system can be setup to allow specific persons to perform a single transaction with discount or special prices. Every receipt is stored individually and can be found for reprint, month or years after. The off-line functionality can be used as a backup strategy in online environments, so if the com-munication line has a break down then the store is not affected of that.

Logistics in the Store

Almost all logistic functions that are necessary at an advanced warehouse, is also accessible at the store through Retail4Dynamicsâ„¢. Through the POS interface, it is possible to ship and receive items between different stores and warehouses, by creating transfer orders.

Furthermore it is possible to receive items direct from vendors based on purchase orders performed at the central warehouse. Beside the automatic requisition worksheet that uses each item reordering profile and min/max qty. on stock, and then it is also possible to create special requisitions that are handled by the reordering procedures at the central warehouse.

Information about e.g. substitute items and information about qty. on stock at own or other stores other is instant available to secure optimal customer service. Item requests with information of qty on stock, availability is possible to perform for all items. Complete control of the stock at the store is what the store manager requires and what Retail4Dynamicsâ„¢ offers.

Several Verticals and Branch Solutions

Today exists a wide range of vertical solutions like: Fashion, Shoe, Sport, Furniture, Jewelers, Leather, Baby Stores, Office Supplies, Museums, Restaurants, Photo, Do it Yourself & Wood Shops, Cinema, Computer & Software, Supermarket, White Goods, Phone & Communication, Electric Devices, Pharmaceuticals, DIY etc.

The Branch Solutions can be combined e.g. Sport and Restaurant for Golf Club selling equipment.

End of Day Routines

The flexibility in Retail4Dynamics™ does not demand a fixed End-of-Day routine for closing cash account. The End-of-Day routine can be performed as often as wanted by the shop assistant, e.g. several times every day (changing cashier)), once per day, or by self defined routine. Posting to G/L is performed immediate or as a batch at daily closing.

Beside of Revenue and VAT posting, then special transactions as stamps, other expenses and bank transfers will be posted at the predefined Finance Accounts with no manual interaction by administrative personnel.

Retail4Dynamics™ users say that this has reduced a lot of headaches for the administration and the store managers in decentralized Central office or Branch environments.

Business Unit/Area postings in Microsoft Dynamics, is exchanged with advanced dimensional posting as Retail4Dynamics™ supports.

Shipment notes created in the POS sales situation is available as posted Receipts or Shipments in the Purchase & Payables or Sale & Receivables modules in Microsoft Dynamics, and these can immediate be invoiced or batch posted for collecting other Shipments within the week or month - You decide.

Payments influence immediate customers and G/L; beside of this it is possible to obtain a Banking module for Microsoft Dynamics, that automatic can transfer payments from the bank and apply specific invoices in the Solution. It can also suggest payments and transfer money to due vendors.

Data Replication

E-mail is the fastest, safest and easiest way to communicate between Central office and Branches. Users are normally familiar with handling e-mail systems, and this is the most used setup for data exchange in Retail4Dynamics™.

Basic data from the central office to the branches, and transaction data the opposite way is transferred by e-mails. All data are exchanged between the systems are compressed and encrypted for safety reasons. This setup ensures minimum expenses, maximum security and speed, and an easy maintenance. This setup gives furthermore the advantages that standard software for virus detection and security certificates can be used to ensure optimal security. The inbox of the mail program can be supervised for expected data exchange without the user needs high technical skills.

Both import and export routines can be setup for automatic data exchange – this is easy IT-admini-stration. Other methods are supported too.

Back office Integration to Stores

Are your business Retail, and are you a member of a chain, then Retail4Dynamicsâ„¢ is the only solution for your business. Especially if you demand close insight and management information, low maintenance cost, fast pay-back of your investment - then Microsoft Dynamics and Retail4Dynamics™ is the answer from heaven.

Beside of this we are a total supplier of all equipment for your store, including payment terminals, receipt and kitchen printers, drawers, bar code scanners etc. All it takes is only to installation Retail4Dynamics™ on top of your Microsoft Dynamics solution in your administration and a client in the stores including our supplied equipment, and then you control your business.

The solution supports hereinafter central admini-stration, Customer and Inventory Management, and best of all - easy to use for the shop assistants and managers. - This gives you a general view of income, inventory, and rate of turnover - all down to each store, each sales person and each product variant.

Protected Investment

Your investment is safe due to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics has thousands of users and consultants to support you globally.
  • 4Dynamics is an international suite of Certified for Microsoft Dynamics products implemented globally by your local Microsoft Certified Partner or Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
  • The team behind Retail4Dynamics™ has more than 20 years of retail experience.
  • Microsoft® , and 4Dynamics secure continued development and maintenance.
  • Through maintenance agreement you are sure to receive future 4Dynamics versions supporting latest technologies from Microsoft..
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