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On the Move

Mobility4Dynamics offers a state of the art mobile interface into Microsoft Dynamics™. The online communication provides most accurate and actual information using WLAN or even VPN connections over GPRS or UMTS.

By this every employee with sufficient rights can gain access to information stored in the Microsoft Dynamics™ database.

No matter if warehouse operations, customer information or other data are required Mobility4Dynamics offers the perfect solution.

Mobility4Dynamics can be implemented as a standalone solution for mobile integration to Microsoft Dynamics™ standard functionality or as integrated part of the 4Dynamics™ Retail and Warehouse modules.

A wide range of mobile applications are available for Mobility4Dynamics from third party AddOn developers, further then several leading Microsoft ISV Partners has entered into an OEM agreement with 4Dynamics to include our technology into their vertical solutions under own brand.

The Mobile Form Designer

The Mobility4Dynamics Form Designer provides an easy to use interface for creating new functionality for the mobile device. Data from any table including pictures can be displayed at the mobile. Designing a new form or modifying existing ones is as easy as creating a new customer in Microsoft Dynamics™.

Just click one of the buttons on the toolbar and the control is being added.

Based on this simple principle, any end user can change the mobile application in the same way as the Microsoft Dynamics™ Form Designer granule would allow.

Almost all properties can be defined for each control including position and size as well as caption and behavior.

Examples for actions:

  • Submit
  • Cancel
  • RunForm
  • Supported actions for text boxes:
  • SendOnValidate
  • DrillDown
  • Lookup

For drilldown and lookup the target form can be defined together with the table view applied.

Applying filters and table views is very easy and close to the standard Microsoft Dynamics™ forms.

The Mobile Templates

Different people require different functionality. Therefore Mobility4Dynamics supports multiple applications within the same database. Each application uses its own set of forms and its own Business Logic Codeunit.

This makes testing of new functionality within the live database very easy.

For 4Dynamics Partners, these templates offer an easy entry point. The business logic codeunit can be placed in their own number range, not requiring any code change in the Mobility4Dynamics objects.

The Mobility4Dynamics Test Form

Developing mobile applications requires intensive testing as all possible errors must be removed before going to a live environment.

To ease testing on all Microsoft Dynamics™ clients in the network, the fully integrated test tool has been implemented without the need of a mobile handheld hardware environment.

This test tool provides exactly the same behavior, look and feel as the mobile client on the handheld does. This makes testing and developing very easy for the developer and for the end user. Testing on a physical mobile device would be much more complicated and less effective.

Debugging Mobility4Dynamics Applications

With the debug mode turned on in the Smart Mobile Setup, the system writes all received and sent forms to the defined destination. There the forms can be easily examined using any XML rendering tool like the Microsoft Internet Explorer or other programs.

It is also possible to use the Windows Event Log to record Mobility4Dynamics activities, response times and execution times.

Depending on the log level, the system only records errors, warnings or all information.

Exporting and Importing Mobile Applications

Mobility4Dynamics provides an interface to export and import mobile applications. The forms are exported in a binary format for highest security.

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The Framework

Mobility4Dynamics was developed as an open platform for all kinds of mobile integration.

To get it into operation only the mobile client needs to be installed on your mobile device and a Mobility4Dynamics Client installed at any computer in the network. Each Microsoft Dynamics™ Client or Application Server can be used as a mobile connector. This enables load balancing to minimize response times.

The setup of a mobile connector is the same easy as installing a Microsoft Dynamics™ Client. Just run the setup and that's it. Even installing the Mobile Client on the handheld device is done automatically once a device connects first time with Microsoft® ActiveSync®.