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Customer Loyalty Systems

Reward the faithfull

Calculation and management of customer loyalty is the key focus in this module. The user can easily define which type of loyalty program the customer should be assigned to and from what program points should be calculated. The loyalty points can be calculated based on customer groups or other information from the relationship management module. Points can also be given based on items, item groups, offers, means of payment, or for a certain period or quantity or amounts per sale. The store can define if points are given on sold items or a certain currency. A loyalty card may be used as a payment. If the payment type loyalty is created and a value for points is defined for a currency, then it is easy for customers to use their saved loyalty points as a payment.

Loyalty solutions offers a range of advantages:

Direct contact

  • Increase opportunities for higher revenue.

Increased customer knowledge

  • Detailed knowledge of preferences for each customer.

Strengthens customer loyalty

  • Direct dialog and right offers make your customers to hold on to your store.

Optimized usage of the system

  • The solution utilizes the many opportunities that exist in Loyalty4Dynamics.

Easy operation

  • Simple and logic campaign management.

Goal-directed Marketing

By using the loyalty module you gain a strong tool for profiling your products for selected customers. By using loyalty cards the customers purchase patterns and interests are monitored. This information is stored in the system and can be reused for goal-directed marketing – e.g. presales, fashion shows and Christmas cards.

The Loyalty module is easy to operate. Text for direct mails are written in Microsoft Word, and merged with information from the customer base in to the personal letters. Alternatively send e-mails to the selected customers. This is a simple and professional way to increase both sales and revenue.


The customer is created at the sales and one or more cards or Loyalty ID's are assigned by swiping the card(s) in a reader or by informing a Loyalty ID. After this the customer is assigned to your loyalty programme. Based on the identidied customer points are assigned to the customer for the future,

Integration to Relationship Management

The card numbers or loyalty ID can be related to certain customers in the relationship management module supplied in Microsoft Dynamics and more than one card / Loyalty ID can be assigned to the same customer e.g. your whole family. By this you can monitor customer’s loyalty, points given and details. The relationship Management module in Microsoft Dynamics can also be used for grouping customers that purchased a certain product for special messages or marketing.

Loyalty Points

The points that are granted and used by customers are monitored in Loyalty4Dynamics. Every sale that generates points is shown. When points are attempted to be used as payment, the system accepts or rejects depending of amount available.

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