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In cooperation with experts having twenty years of experience in working with insurance systems, we offer a solution for insurance brokerage – Insurance Policy Management (IPM)

IPM is a unique standardized system for insurance brokers that will help strengthen the business processes. The system is tailored to meet the requirements of the individual brokers and you can always acquire those modules that will suit your company best.

This standardized system is available for all brokers which ensures easy communications and making the time consuming, extensive and inflexible use of hard copy documentation obsolete.

By using IPM, it will be easier to set out the common requirements for new versions, and future requirements imposed by external agents should only be made once. IPM offers a comprehensive report file of subject lists, costumer lists, policy printouts, portfolio and mandate printouts and much more. Word and Excel integrations are standard features.


The administration of names and addresses is done in one single place. The names created in the application may assume different roles and have different addresses, however, you will only need one place to maintain this information and get an overview. The system is based on one core database containing information about accounts receivable, accounts payable and, therefore, you will only need one place to enter your information.

Insurance companies

The individual insurance companies will be able to configure the insurance industries and coverage types that the individual broker needs. Rules for payment and commissions can be set in advance. You will be able to register sub departments, contacts, and key contacts, enabling you to focus on your communications with the companies in question.


Each broker has his ”own” system. Some of the system features include portfolios, customer administration, contacts, and follow-ups. The budgeting of mandates ensures that you will always acquire concrete knowledge of expected sales, and the offering templates support the selection of insurance companies during the quote phase.

IPM costumers

Having registered an individual or a company as a candidate, you need onlyenter a few additional details to enable the candidate to proceed as a customer. Typical details would include customer groups, category and/or DP-93. For each customer, the broker will be able to register whether the broker receives a fixed feed or is paid according to the total of the insurance conditions.

Configuration of an insurance agreement consists of three areas

THE PART CONTAINING THE CONTRACT Mandatory information about agreement periods, terms, main due dates, renewal data and insurance company, commissions etc. will be defined in advance

THE PART CONTAINING THE RISK ASPECTS The user defines how many details will be needed in the description. Some brokers are content with registering the cars registration numbers, whereas others might want to add details about the make, model, application, etc. During the entering process, the fields can be defined as either ”mandatory” or ”optional” and validation will automatically take place after the configuration.

THE PART CONTAINING COVERAGE The user defines the relevant types of coverage for the insurance industry. Key words here are dynamic version management, complete history access, commission simulations, mandate updates, offering management and integrated validation of requests, policies and termination statuses.

The Collection of Payments

The terms regarding the collection of payments will be set out on the basis of the financial details contained in the insurance agreement, for instance, premium, commission, and fee. A shared payment file includes a industry-specific definition of various duties and by comparing the data, one invoice will be created for each insurance agreement, or one invoice for each customer (collected invoice). Statistics are available at all levels by person, by company with relations, by insurance company, by broker etc.

Access Management

If you need different competencies to maintain the system, this component can be acquired by the customer and added to the system.

Job and Contact Management

If you need scheduled management of system tasks and automatic updates of follow-up assignments at different system levels, this component can be acquired by the customer and added to the system.